Payment Terms & conditions

This page sets out our rules for Payments. Our aim is to support small businesses by offering monthly payments instead of forking a large some of money upfront. We do Not charge interest. Our terms and conditions are as follows:


Once the invoice has been presented and you are happy with the level of service you received you may start the payment process.

By starting the payment process (in 12 stages) we assume you are 100% happy with everything carried out by We dont start taking payment till both parties are happy. We give all customer (you) access to the website to make your own edits after. We assume you have understood safe general practices with wix.

If you make changes that effect the website in such a way that it doesn't function correctly then you will be responsible. On most occasions we will be able help and provide advice or even reverse the changes.

As we are a small business we kindly ask that you fulfil monthly payments. Failing 3 consecutive payments in a row will force us to temporarily suspend the website until the payments have been made. 


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